Tenacity Real Estate started its journey in Melbourne's Inner west. Our firms main mission was to create an environment for people in the industry to feel comfortable and safe. We moved away from the ancient traditional cut throat real estate office blueprint and founded our beliefs around teamwork.

Our family culture at Tenacity Real Estate has enabled our firm to go above and beyond with our client representation with uncompromised effort.  

Our philosophy is based on integrity and transparency.

Tenacity Real Estate is a pioneering real estate firm on the cutting edge of ideas ,marketing and technology constantly reinventing the standard of service and delivering an unparalleled experience. We are a fully integrated sales , marketing and management real estate firm.




With an array of experience in every aspect of the real estate industry Edward continues to lead Tenacity Real Estate on its journey to expend and innovate the business.

Edward began his career in a law firm based in Melbourne’s CBD. Here he quickly ascended through the firms ranks going from a Account Manager to BDM and then on to international BDM/Sales Executive.

He then moved on to the wonderful exciting world of real estate working in Melbourne’s western suburbs and soon made a name for himself as a pioneering Sales consultant & auctioneer. Breaking numerous records and winning prestigious awards within the industry.  

His multi faceted experience includes developing real estate technologies, innovating branding and marketing concepts and most importantly identifying and pioneering the syncing of major multi markets approach in the real estate business.

Always at the forefront are Edwards's core principals of ethics, integrity, Loyalty, education, ingenuity and courage by which he continues to lead and disrupt industries with his growing and always expending team of like-minded individuals.

Very much like every successful story, independence and do it yourself spirit has always been another core driver in his strategy.

Under the direction of Edward Tenacity Real Estate is on path to expending the team as it continues its journey to solidify itself as a unique Melbourne based boutique brand.



After deciding to make the switch from his managerial role in business analytics almost 5 years ago Anthony is now a senior sales assistant with Tenacity Real Estate, using his long term experience to provide a high level of customer service & knowledge of marketing and promotion to benefit his clients. Energetic, Knowledgeable and with an acute understanding to the local market, Anthony is a gifted communicator specialising with our Vietnamese clientele speaking fluently in 3 languages. Anthony is known for developing meaningful and lasting relationships with his clients. He is a hardworking trustworthy agent who commits to every venture with the determination to achieve the very best for his clients. He is liked and admired by both colleagues and clients for his honesty and professionalism, easy going nature and for his great sense of humour and fun.




As a senior sales specialist of Tenacity real estate, Hayden is a highly driven and enthusiastic individual who loves working in the dynamic environment that is Real Estate , where he can meet an interact with a variety of different individuals.

As well as being outgoing Hayden is also down to earth & a well loved member of the team at Tenacity. His patient and empathetic attitude towards his clients and purchasers are all traits which have seen him establish himself as one of the up and coming agents in Melbourne’s western suburbs specializing in the 3021 area.

Hayden believes his most important role is to build meaningful & lasting relationships as well as delivering exceptional results for his clients when selling their castle.

dino KOCIC


Dino has a wealth of sales skills and knowledge coming from a high end motor sales background.

As well as being much loved member of the team at Tenacity Real Estate Dino has numerous accolades under his belt. One of which being titled Australasian Champion of the accordion and performing in the Sydney opera house.

When it comes to selecting an agent with confidence and skills look no further.

He prides himself of giving everything attention to detail as well as delivering exceptional results for his clients when selling their property.


Melanie GAil


Melanie is a much loved member of the team at Tenacity Real Estate and plays an integral role with the day to day business operations.

A bubbly personality that lights up a room she is here to assist our clients with any and all administration for the Sale/Lease of their property. 



A senior property manager and much loved member of the team at Tenacity real estate, Emily is a highly organised individual who loves working in the real estate industry, 

Always making sure her landlords and tenants are well informed Emily takes great pride in her work and loves the day to day servicing for her clients.

Building relationships as well as delivering exceptional results for her clients when leasing their property is what Emily does best.